Transportation & Meals

The Care Center’s Student Support Services provide a range of resources that make the goal of passing the High School Equivalency exam and going on to college more readily attainable. We remove the barriers that could easily keep our students from succeeding in school by providing free transportation, nutritious meals and snacks, day care, on-site health care, and personalized support counseling. Our goal is to create the emotional shift from a reluctant to an engaged learner. We know that we’ve made some important headway when a student finds learning both satisfying and exciting.

The Care Center provides door-to-door transportation for students and their children. Mothers and kids are picked up in the morning and brought to The Care Center. Any child enrolled at another daycare center is transported there with the parent. With three vans and three drivers on staff, our transportation is reliable and safe.

Students and their children are provided two meals a day. Lunch is provided by the Holyoke Public Schools and supplemented with special meals regularly. Breakfast and snacks are provided by The Care Center. Our informal lunch room gives students an opportunity to eat, relax, and share with their peers. Students who have children in the day care also have the chance to feed them and play with them before afternoon electives.