Early Education & Care

babyThe Care Center daycare center is a great place to be an infant or toddler. This on-site state-licensed facility is available free of charge to current students and graduates who are in college. We have the capacity to care for up to 25 infants and toddlers each day, allowing for many baby-mommy learning opportunities.

Committed, passionate and caring staff with almost 100 total years of childcare experience provide a loving and engaging environment for children. The staff sustains deep, thoughtful, and respectful relationships with the babies and toddlers who come to the center. We also understand that we are creating an environment at a time when brain development is at its peak, and implement best practices in the field of early childhood development to give the children a great start in life.

Creating opportunities for children of teen parents to succeed is a clear goal for The Care Center Daycare staff. These young families face unique challenges and we are intent on making success for parent and child a reality. We know that early literacy development is a continuous process that begins in the first years of life, and grows through positive interactions with literacy materials and other people. All the classrooms are filled with opportunities and materials that foster early literacy. Books, songs, storytelling, and art projects all combine to introduce babies to the world of language.

We want the teen mothers who come to The Care Center to be the best parents they can be. Augmenting the work that goes on in daycare, all students attending The Care Center take parenting classes. Every teen mother in our program learns about nutrition, child development, early literacy activities, safety, and discipline. We examine developmental milestones, and present strategies that can foster healthy growth and development. We help problem solve for the many challenges of parenting including discipline, family dynamics, relationship issues, and creating a safe and nurturing space for children at home.