On-site Support Counselors & Medical Care

In collaboration with Western Massachusetts Physicians Associates, The Care Center has a nurse practitioner on staff five mornings a week, offering medical care to students and their children. Often the first to identify a medical issue with a student or child, our nurse works closely with other medical professionals in the area to ensure that our students are receiving the medical attention they require.

Support Counselors assist students in setting and achieving academic and personal goals. Our counseling focus is on strengths rather than deficits, and students respond well to having support for the changes they’d like to make in their lives. Our experienced counselors also help students address challenges with housing and other basic needs.

As part of our On to College program, Transition Counselors encourage students testing for the High School Equivalency exam, applying to college, and navigating their way around a new college campuses. Many of our students are the first in their families to go to college, so having extra help with filling out college applications and financial aid forms makes a big difference. Transition Counselors do everything from mentoring students and graduates who are taking college courses, to going with them on the first day of registration and making sure things go smoothly. This is an area in which removing the barriers makes all the difference. Going through the whole process with encouragement increases college success rates, and that’s what we’re about.