Inside a Cloud, by Nathalie Mejia

Inside a cloud, the most peaceful entrance,
soft and moist.
So light, as if I’m carrying the air,
eyes wide open. I’m traveling the world.
Watching the birds fly right through me.
Observing the humans scattered below me.
Inside a cloud, that’s where I am.
I decorate the sky.
I have conversations with the sun.
I welcome the moon and the stars while the sun
leaves my side.
I represent peace and gentleness.

I’m a cloud. I watch the water,
he sings a melody with his waves.
I feel the wind push me away to another place.
I feel the cold, but I am strong.
I may look weak, but I am not.
I hold it all in and then I cry.
What you know as the rain,
those are my tears created by me fears.
But nothing can defeat me.
I’m always here.
I am a cloud,
I am a cloud.

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  • My Imagination

    by Dalisa Saldana

    Going away with you
    is like going to the moon
    and coming back.

    It's like sitting
    on the beach and
    listening to the waves.

    It's like going to China
    and exploring
    other cultures.

    You are my imagination
    where everything
    is perfect,
    colorful, and happy.