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What is poetry? Does it have to rhyme? Must it be about flowers and nature? Care Center students soon discover that poetry is a kind of self-expression that can take many forms. The most important thing is that it express something authentic about the writer’s life, perspective, or perceptions.

We developed a poetry program in which students study contemporary and classic poets, and then create their own poems in response. While this form of creativity feels like a welcome contrast to core academic courses, students are still learning important writing skills. The experience of fun, challenging creative writing is often the path that leads to a love of reading and writing.

To bring the art and craft of writing to life, The Care Center partners with the Smith College Poetry Center to bring their visiting poets to our classrooms. Students read the authors’ books in advance, then have the opportunity to meet and talk with the poets at a reading and signing. Poets who have read their work at The Care Center include Mark Doty, Nikky Finney, Lesléa Newman, Martín Espada, Patricia Smith, Sharon Olds and Patricia Lee Lewis, who was herself a teen mother in Texas in the 1950’s.

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  • My Imagination

    by Dalisa Saldana

    Going away with you
    is like going to the moon
    and coming back.

    It's like sitting
    on the beach and
    listening to the waves.

    It's like going to China
    and exploring
    other cultures.

    You are my imagination
    where everything
    is perfect,
    colorful, and happy.