Dear Alumnae,

As I write to you, two sets of images come to my mind. First, I see you as you were months or years ago, during your first days here at The Care Center. Some of you were shy and quiet, some of you bold and outgoing. Whoever you were then, we have watched you blossom and grow during your time with us.

Then, I see another set of images. I remember times I bumped into you at the cafeteria at Holyoke Community College and you proudly told me you just enrolled, or just finished another semester. I see your picture in the local newspaper wearing your cap and gown at college graduation. I see you working as a teller in the bank when I go to make a deposit, or you are the nurses assistant I meet when I bring my daughter to her doctor’s appointment.

Whether you are now pursuing your education, your career, or devoting yourself to being the very best mother you can be and sharing your pride in your education with your children and family, I hope you know how proud everyone here at The Care Center is of you.

Remember that the door is always open here at The Care Center. We want to hear about how your life is going. We also want to support you in continuing to reach your goals. Jude Kallok and I are working together as Transition Counselors to help you reach your dreams.

Give us a call, write us an email or post your story to the Care Center MySpace page. Be sure we have your most recent contact information, so we can stay in touch. You might even consider coming back one day to talk to current Care Center Students. Your stories of successes and overcoming your challenges are an inspiration to the young women who are studying here today!

Do you want help getting started at college? Are you looking for scholarship opportunities to help with expenses while you’re in school? Do you need information about training or education programs? Would you like advice on creating a strong resume? We’re here to help you!

Stop by our office if you are up at Holyoke Community College. Jude and I have office hours in the Advising Center in Frost (cubicle 5) on tuesday and wednesday at 9:30-11:30, where we are available to help you succeed as a college student. We’re happy to connect you with support services at HCC so you can have help registering for classes, filling out financial aid paperwork, getting tutoring or arranging for child care.

We’re proud of the good work you have done so far, and want to continue to support you as you become strong, independent women.

Stay in touch, and know that you remain in our thoughts long after you leave here.

Wishing you all the very best,

Tzivia Gover
Transition Counselor

Stay in Touch

You can connect with other Care Center students and graduates on our MySpace and Facebook pages.

Email the Transition Counselors:
Tzivia Gover –
Jude Kallok –

* Call us!    The Care Center  (413) 532-2900

* Visit us!  The Care Center

* When you contact us, please be sure to include your current mailing address,

email address and phone number so we know how to reach you!

Scholarship and Education Funding Resources

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts

College Courses

Bard College Clemente Course
Holyoke Community College

Job Training Opportunities

Career Point

Want to get your Bachelors Degree? These colleges would love to help you!

Elms College
Ada Comstock Program at Smith College
Frances Perkins Program at Mount Holyoke College

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  • My Imagination

    by Dalisa Saldana

    Going away with you
    is like going to the moon
    and coming back.

    It's like sitting
    on the beach and
    listening to the waves.

    It's like going to China
    and exploring
    other cultures.

    You are my imagination
    where everything
    is perfect,
    colorful, and happy.