Student Interviews

LuzRamosLuz Ramos came to The Care Center in search of a new beginning after struggling in the public schools. “I’m planning to prove to everyone that teen mothers can make it…I want to prove to my daughter and to everyone out there that they can be proud of us and we’re not just nothing. That we are going to make big moves.”


Jessica DavilaJessica Davila loves that The Care Center’s teachers encourage her to succeed while offering a nurturing environment for her young daughter. “They want you to be somebody. They want you to go out there and do better for yourself and for daughter or your son…I got one test to go and I’m making it and I’m off to college.”


AngelRosarioAngel Rosario likes that The Care Center’s classes are more intimate and hands-on than a traditional setting and appreciates that its teachers take the time to make sure she understands the concepts presented in class. “I want to finish, I want to go to college, get a degree, a Master’s, and then have my career.”


ChristinaMatosChristina Matos explains that to her, The Care Center is more like a family than a school. She loves that The Care Center’s daycare helped her three and a half year-old son learn to read while she was preparing for college. “The change I’m going to make in this world is to show my son you can accomplish even when you have fallen so hard. That you can get back up and still finish what you started.”


LuzReyesLuz Reyes plans to become the first in her family to earn a diploma. “I came to the Care Center because I didn’t want to just stay without an education. I want to go to college and become a nurse and I know that The Care Center will help me get there. I want to be better for my son and also be better for myself and The Care Center knows how to get teen moms to where they want to be.”