Care Center Staff


Anne Teschner,  Executive Director

Susan Madamba,  Director of Administration and Finance

Jane Slater,  Director of Donor Relations

Mark Kalish,  Project Manager

Karen MacDonald,  Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant

Carmen DeJesus,  Receptionist/Administrative Assistant


Ana Rodriguez,  Director

Dan Battat, Faculty

Steve Bernstein, Faculty

Liza Birnbaum,  Faculty

Arthur Downey,  Faculty

Jude Kallok, Faculty

Hayley Murphy, Faculty

Student Support Services

Jenna Sellers,  Director

Brenda Bernazar,  Counselor

Carmen Vicenty,  Counselor

Emily Laufer,  Transition Program Developer

Martha Spiro, Nurse Practitioner


Aida Diaz,  Director

Susan Brouillard, Teacher

Milagros Rodriguez,  Teacher/Driver

Mayra Rivera,  Teacher/Driver

Miosotis Ruby Hernandez,  Teacher Aide

Leticia Rodriguez,  Teacher Aide

Zuleyka Rodriguez Nieves,  Teacher Aide

Ana Rosa Vallellanes,  Student Transportation

Maria Navarro,  Maintenance

Clemente Course in the Humanities

Pamela Thompson,  Director and Faculty

Christopher Couch,  Faculty

Tzivia Gover, Faculty

Jennifer Rosner, Faculty

Elizabeth Sharpe, Faculty

Rowing Strong, Rowing Together

Alex Wise,  Program Coordinator

Aleksandra Bucan, Coach

Teen Resource Project

Alex Wise,  Program Coordinator

Bard Microcollege Holyoke (Affiliate)

Mary Anne Myers, Director

Kenyetta Browning, Assistant Program Director